October 26, 2013

One Solution Apps for Your Business!

Apps FALYF, LLC is honored to work with One Solution Apps in promoting their $500 app for any business (a few exceptions may apply) with a $60 a month UNLIMITED UPDATING and MAINTENANCE (no contract). One Solution Apps are high quality, stable, clean, full featured, simply presented for iPhone and Android OS.

One Solution Apps will meet or exceed your best expectations because they work competently, professionally, and transparently.

A lot of the innovative concepts proposed in Apps FALYF's PCBAs are currently featured in One Solution Apps for business now.

Here are a few clients:

Midtown Bail Bonds                                                         
Android: http://bit.ly/16bfzc3                                         
iPhone: http://bit.ly/1ijmwdz

DePaola, DDS
Android: http://bit.ly/1g1Wxuf
iPhone: http://bit.ly/1duMbCf

Water Damage Specialist
Android: http://bit.ly/1ijnqXj
iPhone: http://bit.ly/1c5RdkN

EAS Auto                                                                        
Android: http://bit.ly/18UYS5P                                       
iPhone: http://bit.ly/16BN7xb                                     

Superior Towing                                                           
Android: http://bit.ly/18mnYGl
iPhone: http://bit.ly/16zcntl

Contact us today to give your business a money making/saving modern tool for interacting with your customers directly and efficiently.

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