July 25, 2013

PCBAs Are Coming!

Over the past two years, mobile applications have become an essential element of smartphones. Mobile apps are even used as tools for marketing, branding, and customer engagement. Creators of new smartphone utility apps, Apps FALYF, LLC, announce today a series of new terms used to describe an emerging technology related to how people present themselves and interact with each other. 

Last Spring, Time magazine published an article stating celebrity branding was one of the first major vehicles to benefit from mobile applications. Apps FALYF is capitalizing on this opportunity to make personalized apps a new standard in the mobile market. 

With updates to the business model rolled out today, Apps FALYF plans to officially trademark the terms: PApps; for personal apps, BApps; for business apps, CApps; for celebrity apps, ChApps; for charity apps, and GApps; for gift apps. The acronymic terms will be used to define a type of highly customizable app called PCBA (Personalized Cloud Based App) to be introduced this year. 

PCBAs will allow administrators to individually or collectively control the content exposed to subscribers. For example, an administrator will be able to determine the content that close friends or family may access on the PApp; such as photos, phone numbers, email, social network links, and calendars. The same PApp given to a casual associate may only contain an email and a cell phone number. Moreover, the administrator will have the ability to make individual or collective changes to personalized app content with real time updates and changes. 

BApps function as cloud managed business cards. CApps allow a customized interaction between celebrities or artists with their fans. GApps show one or more electronic gift cards real time dollar balances along with customizable messages. ChApps give charities the ability to interact with donors in a unique and discreet way. PCBAs can be cataloged in specially designed folders and use little of a device’s memory. 

"Apps FALYF has a reputation for developing innovative mobile applications with exclusive features such as Small Call and our upcoming privacy management app, Guest User," said Managing Partner, Val Arnold.

Small Call is the only smartphone utility app on the market that discreetly alerts users when an incoming call or text message is received. It does so with a minimized notification that does not close or stop an open app such as a GPS app, a video, or a game. 

Consistent with this spirit, Apps FALYF’s PCBA series will introduce mobile users to a new concept altogether in personal and professional interaction. Arnold added, "PCBAs also present groundbreaking enterprise solutions that are currently not available. We're proud to step up and fill that niche." 

Please, contact Val@AppsFALYF.com or Bianka@AppsFALYF.com for more information or investment opportunities.

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